Moving on to do Knowledege Advisory Services in Bangkok!!

As I got the confirmation already 2 weeks ago, it's about time to announce it here formally. Having worked for UN Volunteers for almost 2 years now, I will move on to Bangkok in October where I will take up a one-year position in the Knowledge Services Team of UNDP Regional Center Bangkok.

There I will support the KM team in providing knowledge advisory services to UNDP Country Offices in the Asia-Pacific region, promoting knowledge networks, delivering training and consultancy services and - together with Country Offices - developing knowledge management strategies for the region. The environment will surely offer me some opportunities to further develop my skills in applying practical KM approaches and I am looking forward to learn a lot from the team and the new counterparts there.

I have already got to see some of the South-East-Asian region last years during training mission and travel in Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma, so I am very excited to spend the next year in Thailand and dive into a new culture. Hopefully I will still be able to stay in touch not only with friends and former colleagues in Europe, but also with the enthusiastic group of KM practicioners all over the place which I got to know during the last too years (and of which a lot are based in Europe).

That makes it all the more important to make use of all the different ways to network, share experiences and stay in touch globally, which the knowledge age offers to us.


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