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Who is Reading UNDP’s Publications, And Why?

[This post was originally published at on Oct 3, 2016] It has been two years since the  World Bank published a report  that stated that over 30 percent of its policy reports have never been downloaded even once and only 13 percent of policy reports were downloaded at least 250 times. The debate among development practitioners that followed made it clear that the World Bank is by far not alone with this phenomenon and that most international organizations, including UNDP, face the exact same challenge. As UNDP provides support services for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we in UNDP’s Knowledge Management Team see the importance of getting insights into the perceived value of our knowledge products and therefore UNDP’s thought leadership in various SDG topics. In fact,  UNDP’s Knowledge Management Strategy 2014-2017  pointed out that UNDP needs to invest in its process of planning, developing and disseminating knowledge products in ways that