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How stupid can a company be? A comment on the latest Facebook "Terms of Use" policy disaster

Has anyone ever considererd, that e.g. FedEx or UPS may own the written letters or christmas gifts I send through them to my friends? Of course not. However, when it comes to internet content, these self-evident truths established as a common sense in modern society over years suddenly seem re-negotiable. Facebook now tried to strech this silent agreement to an extent which could be regarded as ridiculous - if it wasn't so outrageous. As reported by The Consumerist Blog , Facebook silently amended their existing Terms of Use a few weeks ago by a statement which allows Facebook to "use, copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, adapt, create derivative works and distribute (through multiple tiers), any User Content you post" through Facebook. Basically do everything they want with any personal message or photo you send to your friends, even after you have deleted your account. The r