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Discussing ChatGPT with the World Bank: Questions on research, knowledge management, bias and creativity

      (Illustrative Image generated with Midjourney) On May 3, 2023, I had the pleasure to talk to the World Bank Group's Community of Practice on Knowledge Management about the opportunities that ChatGPT and similar tools present to the KM space. The group was exceptionally astute and came up with a number of very important questions that I believe are critical to reflect on. In the following, I am showcasing a few of them, along with my own thoughts that I articulated in the exchange: Question 1: I am interested to know if systems like ChatGPT can generate valuable new knowledge, i.e. combine lessons from a few past projects and suggest how should we approach the upcoming project? Generative models like GPT-4 will always build on existing bodies of knowledge, and therefore are (at the moment at least) better suited for a look into the past than as a tool for foresight or predictive analysis. However, as you suggest, we can ask it to combine information, theories, frameworks and m