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"New Synthesis" - A framework for generating solutions with citizens, rather than for them

This is the most terribly written book that every public administration practitioner should read. Well, I should rephrase that :-) This is a must-read for people working in public administration, but it takes a bit of suffering to get through it. Luckily I was helped by the fact that 340-pager was made available to our business unit for free, combined with a strong incentive by my boss to get familiar with its concepts as our unit prepares for aligning itself with its main message: That we as public administration practitioners “ are called upon to serve the public good and the collective interest in the face of increasing complexity, uncertainty and volatility ”. And only by shifting our strategies, systems and minds towards a framework that balances public policy with civic engagement as well as government authority with openness and collective power , are we able to face the challenges of public administration in the 21 st century. Developing a framework for public a