Internship in Knowledge Management at United Nations Volunteers

Just want to seize the opportunity to distribute this announcement for an internship in Knowledge Management & Research in my office department at UN Volunteers.

The intern would support our Research and Development Unit in a variety of research and knowledge management related tasks which would include:
  • Researching, collecting, analyzing and editing documents related to Volunteerism for Development (V4D), volunteers management and UNV organizational procedures.
  • Assist in tasks related to mainstreaming V4D within the UNV volunteer management cycle and support the cross-sectional house-wide Task Force.
  • Assist in identifying and creating new content related to UNV, including the development of a UNV online glossary and research on external online resources.
  • Assist in maintaining the UNV Knowledge Platform using a web-based Content Management system. This includes upload and updates of documents and articles, changes to navigation and structure as well as collection of in-house knowledge resources in cooperation with different organizational units.
  • Assist in the knowledge capture during meetings, interviews and events by preparing meeting minutes and protocols.
The internship is for 3 months (11 February 2008 – 9 May 2008), but dates are flexible. If you're interested, just check out this site and submit your application (CV & cover letter, in English) until Janurary 23, 2008. Good luck!


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