Worst case scenario for a blogger rookie

OK, it happened. The one thing I was afraid of since the very day I started this blog: I haven't found the time to write anything for a far too long time. Too long for just ignoring it. Too long for a simple excuse like a 2 week holiday in Indonesia or a 1 week training in Kuala Lumpur. There's just one single obvious reason - I was lazy.
So what does that mean? Is this like some kind of death sentence for my young blog ambitions? Am I just not professional enough for this? But no, I still want to write, I still want to express myself. So what am I to do now?

Basically I figure there are three options in this situation.

1. I come out with a long and lengthy excuse, including sincere apologies and a determined promise to never let it happen again. Makes me still look as the lazy author I was and doesn't really encourage anyone to trust my committment as a blogger in the future.

2. I just ignore the empty space since the last post and start with the next post. Maybe nobody recognized my long abstinence from this site and the likeliness of being uncovered will even diminish over time! However, there is this guilt inside of my and the fear it might happen again. What then?

3. I write several posts at a time and give them adjusted past dates afterwards. That could do the trick - provided that I don't believe my reader's intellectual capacity to uncover such kind of blogger felony. At least it would look good, but then again it would just replace one guilt with the other.

4. I do what this blog is about: reflecting on the experience of being a learning blogger and Web 2.0 explorer. And actually, maybe we could do that for every situation where we ususally come up with some unsatisfying standard reactions...


Johannes said…
I especially like the fourth out of the three options. But then the first three are really just options and the fourth is the way to go.

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