Shocked that somebody is actually reading my blog...

It is fascinating, how a message of a participant of last week's KM4Dev workshop, who just congratulated me to the launch of my blog today, is able to force me into hectic and most nervous activity. I just created the launch 4 days ago and Google is already indexing it on the second page when searching my name??? I remember times when search engines needed 6 months for this... Does that mean that I now actually have to WRITE something in my blog every week? I cannot dissapoint the 2 people who suscribed to my blog within these first four days, can I? But what if more people will see it then? Waves of thoughts are breaking over me... What if colleagues will find the blog and read about my professional views? Ooooh.. what if my boss reads it? Or my Human Resources focal point? Or former students from university. What about family and friends? I realize this has serious implications on my public reputation, as well as my professional environment, my career options, my social peers, well, maybe even my love life! Do I really want to do this? Writing and publishing fragments of thoughts visible to anyone in the world? Why would I wnt to do this? What are the benefits - and more important, what are the risks? Launching an own blog just out of a moment's mood might not be the perfect framework to reflect on these questions... hm, on the other hand - maybe this is exactly the right framework...?


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