Sunday, 3 February 2008

Blogging increases stress

After about 6 months of blogging, it's time to look back and reflect on the outcome of my blogging activities. And I hate to name it, but the first outcome that comes to mind is stress. First it was the stress of finding the right topic. Do I have anything to talk about which would be interesting enough to others? Then it was the stress of being seen. Suddenly friends were mentioning that they have read my blog lately and were commenting on it. Each time then I rushed back to my site to verify that what I had written was really something I could still confirm, desperately hoping that I make somehow sense with what I write. Then it was the stressful urge to get more users. Of course I want to be seen and I want have more readers, so I started to link to other blogs and make comments there, at the same time inviting others to comment on mine. Which of course requires further investment in research and quality check. And increased quality indeed takes time and effort, which in return results in - yes - stress.

Not that I regret having started to write this blog. Actually I really learned about Web 2.0 and myself in a way which would not have been possible without writing about it. And yes, by now I really HAVE someting to write about. I'm discovering new aspects of the Web 2.0 discussion, of social networking and knowledge management every day! In fact, meanwhile I'm having much more ideas and blog posts in my mind than I am able to write about. I'm just running out of time, as I have of course a full-time job, a social life outside the internet and the need to relax from time to time. Not being able to follow up on all I want to write about, this is actually the most frustrating blogging-induced stress I experienced so far. And again one, which I haven't had 6 months ago...

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Thuy Ha said...

Interesting. Exactly my problem as well, though I am less talented in developing the blogs! Your friend, thanks, Johannes.